Earth Day Celebration at Arvo Pärt Centre

22.04.2022 kell 15:30 - 17:00
Arvo Pärt Centre in the coastal forests of Laulasmaa, Northern Estonia.
BPW Estonia
Join us in celebrating Earth Day on April 22!

The event will be live-streamed internationally from the Arvo Pärt Centre in the coastal forests of Laulasmaa, Northern Estonia.

On April 22, the world celebrates Earth Day. Observed annually since 1970, one month after the spring equinox, Earth day marks the anniversary of modern environmental consciousness and dedicated care for the planet.

BPW (The International Federation of Business and Professional Women) seeks to promote the message of sustainability and encourage individual responsibility and action in women. This Earth Day we invite women leaders and women everywhere to join us in making pledges of sustainability for the year ahead. Big changes start with small, consistent steps – the pledge can be anything from deciding to renounce plastic bags, create a bee-friendly balcony, change dietary habits, or consume music in a more sustainable fashion. Big or small, personal or professional, it is important that the pledge is something one intends to follow throughout the year.

Our special Earth Day performance and pledging action brings you music, movement and stories, and will serve as an inspirational event before BPW’s Entrepreneurship Conference “We Make Green Happen”, taking place on April 23 at Laulasmaa’s LaSpa hotel.

On April 22, BPW invites you to join our Earth Day celebration, a special event showcasing pledges by female entrepreneurs around the world, and featuring music, dance, storytelling and the chant “I am the Earth”, performed in several languages by women of all ages.

Listen to our Earth Day chant “I am the Earth”

The event will be live-streamed internationally on Facebook.

What to expect from the Earth Day event and live-stream?

1 Artistic acts – music, dance, storytelling – inspired by nature and the Earth Day initiative

2 Women everywhere making inspiring pledges for the year ahead – you’ll have a chance to add your pledge too!

3 A fascinating location, dedicated to the celebrated Estonian composer Arvo Pärt


15:30 Opening address & music

15:45 Earth Day pledges, I. Women from different countries give their pledges for the year ahead

15:55 Music

16:00 Earth Day pledges, II

16:10 Storyteller Piret Päär (Estonia)

16:20 Music

16:25 Earth Day pledges, III

16:35 Moving Into Awareness. Dancer Hsuan-Hsiu Hung (Taiwan) performs a dance inspired by being with nature and with ourselves

16:40 Earth Day pledges, IV

16:50 Performance of the Earth Day Chant “I am the Earth” featuring soloists, drums and a choir of women of all ages

17:00 Invitation to join the green wave and make your own pledge until Earth Day 2023!

Registration is open! Please register your attendance by April 4, 2022. 



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